Europe Beyond Access presents ‘Learning Disabled Leaders in Theatre and Dance’

Find out how learning disabled leaders in theatre and dance are challenging perceptions of the creative potential of disabled artists and breaking the boundaries in the performing arts.

In this short film, five learning disabled choreographers, performers and interdisciplinary artists from Serbia, Germany and the UK reflect on their sources of inspiration, the importance of taking on creative leadership roles and coming together both with other disabled artists and with non-disabled artists to share their experiences and exchange ideas, learn from each other, co-create and innovate.

The artists featured in the video are Natalija Vladisavljević (Serbia), Dalibor Šandor (Serbia), Dennis Seidel (Germany), Chris Pavia (UK) and Jelena Stefanoska (Serbia).

This film is part of a series sharing insights from disabled artists who are taking part in Europe Beyond Access.

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