A white female dancer with blonde hair and a wheelchair puts on a cosy padded white winter coat on stage.

Vinterresa (Winter Journey) is a new dance solo about the power of memories and our past by choreographer Carl Knif for Swedish dancer Madeleine Månsson. The starting point of the piece is Franz Schubert’s song cycle Winterreise based on Wilhelm Müller’s poems.

In Vinterresa, Madeleine Månsson embarks on a journey through a multi-layered landscape. In this autobiographical choreography, words and motion are intertwined in an exploration of memory and its powers.

How do we remember places, persons and events? In what ways does our past live on inside of us?

How do past events affect our present and our future?

Vinterresa is a Europe Beyond Access commission from Skånes Dansteater.


Choreography: Carl Knif.
Music: Franz Schubert.
Set design, light design: Jukka Huitila.
Sound design: Janne Hast.
Promofoto Vinterresa: Karolina Henke.
Portrait photo: Johan Sundell.


Carl Knif (1976) is a Finnish dan­cer, cho­reog­rap­her, ar­tis­tic di­rec­tor and the foun­der of Carl Knif Com­pa­ny. Knif has crea­ted nu­me­rous cho­reog­rap­hies for his own company and car­ried out co-pro­duc­tions and com­mis­sio­ned works for thea­tres and dan­ce hou­ses.

Some of his works are non-verbal based on power of movement and dance, some lean more towards physical theatre. Knif has formed himself an interesting, unique style with which his company has risen to the forefront of Finnish dance.

Carl Knif was awarded the State Prize for Performing Arts in 2016. His works have gained international interest and have toured in 10 countries.


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