Europe Beyond Access will build the capacity of two key groups of arts professionals at either end of the cultural market. 

  • The project will support independent European disabled artists to develop their own abilities to package, market and present their work and artistic value to a wide range of cultural stakeholders including performing arts programmers, commissioners and arts managers. It will support the development of a sustainable peer network.
  • The project will undertake a major programme of building the knowledge of mainstream cultural managers and programmers – building knowledge of the quality of work by a unique generation of artists, but also sharing the expertise and experience of the project partners in supporting artists and building audiences for their work. 
IETM Valencia. Photograph: Vincent Chartier

Europe Beyond Access seeks to influence the wider European and global cultural sector with the aims of improving awareness of world-class disabled artists and sharing best practice in cultural accessibility.

To achieve this we have been joined by Associate Partners, who have each committed to engaging in dialogue with their members and activity participants – building capacity to support increased access to culture for disabled people as audiences and as artists. 

  • IETM – International Network for contemporary performing arts
  • ISPA – Global network of more than 500 performing arts leaders
  • EEPAP – East European Performing Arts Platform
  • ONDA – the French office for contemporary performing arts circulation
  • Acesso Cultura – Portugal’s national organisation widening access to culture
  • Instytut Teatralny – Polish Theatre Institute
  • IMiT – Polish Institute of Music and Dance
  • EUCREA – Organisation supporting disabled artists in the German-speaking area.