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Zamek Culture Centre is based in a castel

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The partnership of ZAMEK Culture Centre in second generation of Europe Beyond Access makes it possible to expand on the idea we have pursued for years, namely equality on stage, and do so on a much larger scale. It paves the way for Polish artists with disabilities to go beyond the national framework, increasing their mobility, allowing them to appear on the international scene. Finally, it places professional artists with disabilities in a position corresponding to their competence: that of experts and educators. Therefore, “Europe Beyond Access” is a major step for Zamek Cultural Centre towards broader international cooperation, promoting presence, increasing the scope of activities and boosting artistic involvement among non-normative artists, persons with disabilities in particular.

ZAMEK Culture Centre (CK ZAMEK) in Poznań is one of the largest cultural institutions in Poland. Every year, it hosts around 2,500 events that showcase and foster the most interesting phenomena in visual arts, theatre, film, music, education and literature.

As a public cultural institution, CK ZAMEK prioritizes collaboration and interaction with its surroundings, nurturing bonds and engaging in the discussion on the most important social issues and challenges. In recent years, the living language of theatre has featured prominently at Zamek.

Since 2016, the core narrative in this regard has revolved around an authorial programme which rejects the norms, abolishes stereotypes, celebrates inclusiveness and eschews exclusion, as well as seeks to convey a universal message.


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